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Shipping details

Faded Fungi offers mail order magic mushrooms to all adult Canadians with a valid Canadian postal code. Orders are shipped every single business day with Canada Post’s 2-3 Day XpressPost Shipping.

Track your shipment

Each order is shipped with a tracking number so that you can safely track the progress of your package as it makes its way across the country to you.

Stress-free delivery

Our staff ensure that all of our orders are carefully packed with discreetness in mind so that your experience receiving our packages is stress-free and easy.

Microdose blends

Our microdose blends are very easy to ship and won’t be easily damaged. You can expect them to arrive looking just like this and ready to use!

Raw shrooms

For our raw cubensis mushroom strains, we ensure to pack them carefully in UV light-sensitive, smell-proof mylar bags to ensure they maintain their potency and structural integrity when they reach your hands. In any event, raw magic mushrooms are not nearly as potent smelling as something like cannabis, so you really don’t need to worry about detection! Here is what some of these awesome strains look like…

Shroom edibles

Last to discuss is our shroom edibles. We carry a variety of magic mushroom chocolates and gummies. These are sealed inside their package and do not smell strongly at all. Look forward to receiving tasty treats with an extra shroom kick.

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